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Uprising II

Antagonist Zero (FI)
Ashes of Maybelle (UK)
Bludger (UK)
Bob Malmström (FI)
Cannibal Accident (FI)
Cantilena (EE)
Coprolith (FI)
Demonic Death Judge (FI)
Driller (PL)
Dysangelium (CZ)
Kaos, Kris och Helvete (SE)
Khroma (FI)
Koljosen Tiekiista (FI)
Psilocybe Larvae (RU)
Superflesh (FI)
Terveet Kädet (FI)
Trident (FI)
Tvärnitad (SE)
Unborn Generation (FI)




Elitbolaget presents Uprising 2

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Uprising 2 brings together 19 artists from eight countries for a united promotional effort across borders.

DIY (Do It Yourself) is a traditional approach especially in the punk and hardcore scenes. With easier and cheaper production methods and distribution networks it is starting to be a universally accepted way of getting your music out there. However, just releasing a track, EP or album doesn't guarantee that a single thing will happen. With Uprising 2 we wanted to bring the DIY mentality to the community level.

19 bands from various parts of the European continent gathered together for a promotional effort to bring good music to the people who appreciate it. Musicwise the distribution is rather large with music ranging from punk and hardcore to progressive death and doom metal. Geographically the regions include Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and the UK.

When we started putting the compilation together in early 2014 there were two criteria for the bands: 1) getting shit done and 2) superior music quality. We feel the presented 19 bands are fantastic on both accords and hopefully this compilation will open new doors for all participants.

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