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När livet sa till mig att sluta

Release date: 17.03.2020
Label: Elitbolaget
Formats: 7" vinyl / Digital

Track list:
1. Hemmaölen
2. Bottenskrap
3. Ta det med en jävel
4. På väg ner


The Bob Malmström 10-year anniversary celebration 7" vinyl series continues

The Bob Malmström and Tvärnitad love story begun a few years back when Bob made a short tour in Sweden and both band shared a Norrköping (Sweden) stage. Anni Lötjönen again has made a rocketlike rise with Huora, a new star in the punk/hardcore/metal scenes of Finland. Anni has made a big enough splash to become a regular feature in Finnish magazines and tv-shows. Now these three entities got together to create a memorable venture into the realm of hardcore punk. The end result is a split 7" vinyl containing six razorsharp punk epics. The split will be sold separately and as a part of the Bob Malmström celebration series deluxe wooden box.

On the A-side Bob Malmström presents two songs; Jag älskar att supa is a skate punk extravaganza featuring Anni Lötjönen. Anni's outburst of energy provides the track with some turbocharged punk attack. Större än gud presents a window to Bob Malmström's more epic material.

On the B-side Tvärnitad presents four tracks of catchy and straightforward Nordic hardcore punk/metal. Tvärnitad has since day one sung about hard drinking, hangovers, addiction and did we mention boozing? This split's four tracks are about alcohol and related activities.

Confirmed dates for 2020:
17.04 Kotka - Haukka Baari (+ Bob Malmström & The Enchained)
18.04 Karis - Pub Norris (+ Bob Malmström & The Enchained)


HC/Punk band from Västerås, Sweden. Formed in late 2011 as a one man band but quickly turned into a 5 piece. Five folköl are more than one elefantöl, as we say.
Best regards Tvärnitad, Sweden.

Tvärnitad is:
Jonas Ekroos - Vocals
Fredrik Joelsson - Bass
Morgan Petersson - Guitar
Tom Ohlsson - Guitar
Niklas Hansson - Drums
Label under: Punk / Hardcore



Founded in: 2011
Label: Elitbolaget, DIY
Language: Swedish

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