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2014 brings Superflesh back dirtier than ever with the LOVE EP.

Last time around they were rocking with their cocks out, free like the birds in the sky. Now they're hard and ready to Superflesh all over you. Musically it's a parade of the gay bits of Judas Priest and Turbonegro, but much butcher. This is manly music for manly men. This should be the soundtrack for the iconic Top Gun scene where supreme alpha males play volleyball on the beach.

Three original tracks make room for 'Kings of the Street', originally written and released by the infamous tracker legend Cadaver. 'Mustachio' is also featured on Uprising 2 compilation album by Elitbolaget. We're talking pure rockin' heavy metal here.

Superflesh LOVE EP released September 1st 2014 by Elitbolaget. Recorded by Niko Mönkkönen, Jonas Blomqvist and Anders Bomberg. Mixed and mastered by Anders Bomberg. Photos by Niko Mönkkönen and Erica Löfman. Art by Niko Mönkkönen.

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Label under: Metal / Rock / Hard Rock
Contact Discography Superflesh is
Booking & Management
Matias Löfman / Elitbolaget
+358 40 5709 066
Love EP 2014 (ltd 100 copies)
Fleshbox digital demo 2012
Flesh - Too Stoopid to Live, Too Dumb to Die demo EP 2006 (ltd 30 copies)
Penos Emporio - Vocals & guitars
Tyrannosaurus Sex - bass
Turbo-Ragnar - guitars
Gulliver 5000 - drums
Nick the Dick - stuntman

Published by Elitbolaget. Photos (c) Niko Mönkkönen & Erica Löfman. Cover by Niko Mönkkönen