Elitbolaget presents:

Finnish-Swedish hard rock and punk for the first time on a compilation album! "Sparka Röv" (Kick ass) is a collection of Finnish-Swedish hard music that brings together 16 rock-hard bands from Swedish speaking Finland. The album will be released on vinyl and digitally on bandcamp and youtube on May 1, 2021. The A-side contains rock and punk while the B-side is dedicated to metal.

The compilation album has been compiled by Lasse Grönroos who is known as a vocalist in The Dogshit Boys and Trashcan Dance and as a music journalist at Yle (Grönroos garage, Metallväktarna m.m.).

Compilation curator: Lasse Grönroos / gronroos.lasse@gmail.com / Phone: +358 40-512 6919

Digital release by Elitbolaget.

The bands

Photo: Janne Wass

The cult band The Dogshit Boys was founded in 2000 in Helsinki and for lack of a better description they call their music "Flashrock". Has released countless mini-albums, EPs, singles, collections, live albums, splits and there is also a tribute album where other bands interpret The Dogshit Boys songs. Got a curfew at the book fair and has participated in the soundtrack to American porn movies. Known for chaotic stage shows. The band released their first full-length "Flashrock Massacre" in 2020. With the current lineup, the style has moved more towards punk-thrash metal.

Contact: dogshitboys@gmail.com

Photo: Gregge

Berusat Uppror was formed in 2013 and the idea was to form a punk band that sings in Swedish. We play Punk Rock that rocks fat!

N.A.B. is Åland Krökpunk which was formed after pubkrök. This is dumb, we're not a band. Just some freaks in a low rent garage.

Members: Cim Dahlle, Lillstripp, Big "Mås Vegas" Leif, Manglar-Fille

Contact: Trashcanfirerecords@hotmail.com

Photo: Marcus Rosenlund

When the band was founded in the early 2000s in Helsinki, they played garage punk but the style has always slipped more towards melodic theatrical goth and sleaze rock. The members are also acquaintances from e.g. Beherit, Final Assault and The Dogshit Boys. The band has released four records and the fifth EP “Beso Negro” will be released in 2021.

Contact: trashcandanceband@gmail.com

Photo: Mari Waegelein

Ex-Terrorwheel and Altaria frontman Marco Luponero is with his solo band "The Loud Ones" faithful to old speed metal and punk rock bands such as Motörhead and Bad Religion. "Ignoramus" is on the EP Empire of the Damned "(2020). Or as Marco says: It's a fast punk song about ignorant ass hats who can't read but still think they know something about things they have no idea about ".

Contact: marcoluponeroandtheloudones@gmail.com

Photo: Joakim Ekroos

The Hawkans, founded in 2013, is actually a party band whose focus is rock - everything from dirty garage rock to the 80's most siisty and cheesy stuff. The band has released their own music a little now and then for a few years and still tests themselves today between different sounds and styles. Hellacopters were in mind when the contribution of this collection was written.

Contact: thehawkans@gmail.com

The trio Killed By Stars was founded in 2003 and has released 1 album, 3 EPs and a few singles. The music is a mix of Alternative rock, punk and metal.

Contact: killedbystars@gmail.com

Photo: Miikka Hildén

Flush comes from Helsinki and plays a dark, melancholic mix of punk rock, alternative rock, hard rock and metal. The members are Lasse (vocals, guitar), Janne (guitar), Börje (drums) and Eero (bass), and the current crew has been together since 2018. The band's debut album "It Began as a Mistake" was released in October 2020.

Contact: flushrock@gmail.com

Photo: Peppe Rosvik

Dispyt is a three-man crustpunk band with strong influences from both black metal and old school death metal. The band was founded in Ostrobothnia in 2015 by drummer Owe and former guitarist Philip. Dispyt has two full-lengths and two EP:s behind him and has toured with real punk legends in and outside Finland.

Contact: dispytband@gmail.com

Final Assault plays thrash metal with influences of punk and hardcore. The band was founded in 2009 and has released 3 albums, the latest "III- Return To Moshkinville" was released in 2020. MOSH IT UP!

Contact: finalassault.hc@gmail.com

Photo: Niko Mönkkönen

Bob Malmström has been both a beloved and hated representative of the Fenno-Swedes since 2010. We have toured around the world with the red-yellow flag at the top and the battlecry "Speak Swedish or die" sounding in mountains and valleys. We've probably slept with your mother too.

Contact: elitbolaget@gmail.com | +358 40 589 9092

Photo: Andreas Ek

Rågbröder is an archipelago band that plays mostly, but not exclusively, punk metal. The band was founded in 2008 and now they have 12 years experience, 10 full-lengths, 100 percent feeling. The concept originates from a song called Råtta som Råtta (Rat as Rat), is about language differences and that we really only need to be able to express ourselves. "Rat as Rat" was released on the album "The Tale of Sure Horror: Part 1 - Eos Rex", available as a digital edition at bandcamp.

Contact: mgkenose@gmail.com

Photo: Claus Gunnar

RAAMT's debut album depicts the Ostrobothnian folk beliefs, the inner threat and the darkness that dissipates when you go to the bottom of your own fears. The project took off in early 2020 and much is still unsaid.

Photo: Julina Rosendal

Fast and dirty Rock n Roll from Vaasa, Finland since 2012.

Photo: Jussi Hyvönen

The band "Hondra Öl" conducts dialectal metal or decadaunt metaul as it is called on the continent. The music is characterized by trimming the shit out of the Honda Monkeys from 1982, Master's studies of at least 120 credits and the importance of knowing your place. Founded in a peculiar booze delirium in the Tjärlax Delta after a failed cucumber and perch rally. Established as a phenomenon in 2019.

Contact: hondrapunktol@gmail.com

Photo: 1 & 0

Finnish-Swedish-Bolivian avant-garde electro-industrial duo working on their debut album. The album is a soundtrack to a Bolivian underground science fiction film from the seventies whose only known copies were destroyed in a warehouse fire in 1979. Coldrak's instrumentation is largely organic with ambiance and sound environments created with the help of e.g. household appliances, street horror and knives. Coldrak plays old school fax-core.