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See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Scream - Skulldriver's new EP out on June 3rd!

Skulldriver is thrash/groove metal band from Liljendal, a small village in the south of Finland, formed back in 2004. The music is a melting pot of all kinds of different styles, mixing groove, thrash, nu-metal and even death metal.

Elitbolaget is releasing Skulldriver's brand new four-song EP on June 3rd digitally on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms. From the EP a single on the track "In Memoriam" is released as a video on May 20th on Youtube.

Over the years the band has released a number of EP´s and one full-length album, toured over Europe and seen various line-up changes due to personal reasons, but the same aggressive sounding mix of different styles of metal has never changed. This EP is a perfect sum-up of what Skulldriver has been, is and will be.

The EP at hand was recorded as a trio, but the line-up has since been filled with a second guitarist. The line-up now consists of (singer/guitarist) Lars-Erik Kullström, (drummer) Ari Virtanen, (bass) Mika Rantanen and the newest member (guitarist) Arto Hannula.

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Scream (EB-027) contains the following tracks:

1. In memoriam
2. Depraved Idols
3. Self medicated
4. The Burn

Release date: June 3rd 2022.

Strap your saddles and get on the Liljendal Death Cult ride!

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Label under: Groove Metal / Post Thrash Metal / Nu-Metal / Death Metal

FFO: Pantera, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Hellyeah, Machine Head


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In Memoriam

No Hope

Contact Discography Skulldriver is
Booking & Management
Mika Rantanen
++358 44 319 0165
Kjell Simosas / Elitbolaget
+358 40 589 9092
Demo CD (2006)
Facts, Fiction and Fucked Up Situations CD (2010)
S/t EP CD (2014)
LDC EP CD (2019)
See No Evil... Hear No Evil... Scream (2022)
Lars-Erik Kullström - Vocs and guitar
Ari "Arzka" Virtanen - Drums
Mika Rantanen - Bass
Arto Hannula - Guitar

Publisher Elitbolaget. Photos (c) Skulldriver