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Satanists Against Atheist Believers.

Satanists Against Atheist Believers (S.A.A.B.) return to their questionable anthics. In 2018 they released Motor Militia, which was a soundtrack to a game that has not seen the light of day. In 2021 they release a two-track single where the "A-side" Jannu & Perttu was conceived as the anthem and title track for a sports shooting competition with the same name.

The delusions of a Bad Religion meets Ramones kind of hybrid have fallen and S.A.A.B. have embraced the evident sound of Popeda Rautiainen & Trio Klamydialaukaus.

Jannu & Perttu is released 16.11.2021 and can be streamed here »

Poltetaan jäät jalkojemme alta is released 23.11.2021 and can be streamed here »

Birth, School, Traffic Jam, Death


Satanists Against Atheist Believers (S.A.A.B.) is a rockband from Southern Finland focusing on odd projects. The band has no intentions of playing live, but will take on new odd projects if interesting opportunities arise. The 2018 album Motor Militia was a soundtrack to a game that never was released and the 2021 single Jannu & Perttu is an anthem and theme song for a sports shooting event by the same name.

Label under: Action rock / Punk rock / Hard rock / Rock
Contact Discography S.A.A.B. is
Booking & Management
Matias Löfman / Elitbolaget
+358 40 5709 066
Jannu & Perttu /
Poltetaan jäät jalkojemme alta

Digital single

Motor Militia
Ltd Edition 100 CD + digital
Otto - vocals & lead guitar
Wille - guitar & vocals
Matti - bass
Antto - drums

Published by Elitbolaget. Photos (c) S.A.A.B.