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Satanists Against Atheist Believers.

S.A.A.B. is Satanists Against Atheist Believers. The band started when a game developer asked for punk rock to his game; something in the vein of Misfits and Ramones. Alright we thought, let's make it happen, this is something we fucking know and love. We set forth doing exactly that, but ended somewhere far off the pitch with no game in sight. It didn't matter to us, we were sitting on a gem of an album anyways.

We played it to a radio host friend of ours and said "check it out mate, we made a cool run with some skate punk". He looked at us funnily and said "do you honestly think this is skate punk? This sounds like Manowar." Fuck that then. We scratched the punk rock banner and inked "action rock" all over it, thinking that would give us some leeway. It's 90's as fuck; simple songs with Bad Religion, Graves-era Misfits and occasional Offspring thefts forming the basis. Still the simpleton approach is disturbed by a Heavy Metal seagull shitting epic guitars and build-ups over our borderline naïve songwriting. We lured in a couple of super-talented femmes to spice up things even more; Riina Rinkinen and Alexa Leroux stretched their vocal chords on a bunch of songs and boy did they deliver!

The album "Motor Militia" is released September 15th 2018 on digital platforms and a limited 100 piece Compact Disc batch by Elitbolaget. Two singles from the album have previously been released as music videos; "Birth, School, Traffic Jam, Death" and a cover of "Sommartider", the epic feel-good party hit from 80's Sweden. The video for the latter on makes Mullholland Drive seem like a straightforward biopic. The singles can be found on the Elitbolaget's youtube-channel.

Birth, School, Traffic Jam, Death


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Label under: Action rock / Punk rock / Hard rock / Rock
Connection Discography S.A.A.B. is
Booking & Management
Matias Löfman / Elitbolaget
+358 40 5709 066
Motor Militia
Ltd Edition 100 CD + digital
Otto - vocals & lead guitar
Wille - guitar & vocals
Matti - bass
Antto - drums

Publisched by Elitbolaget. Photos (c) S.A.A.B.