Finnish crust punkers Noise Aholic gathered impressive guest ensemble for March 2022 debut album

Pedersöre crust punk Owe Inborr known for his work with Wolfthrone Studios, Dispyt and Ondfödt decided to gather a great ensemble of cohorts to deliver the ultimate crust punk punch of 2022. Owe wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the beast at his own studio, but brought in guest artists such as Mathias Lillmåns (Finntroll, Dispyt, ...and Oceans), KjellHell (Bob Malmström, Jarruketju), Dario Kåll and La55e Dog (Dogshit Boys, Trashcan Dance) on guest vocals; Jacob Björnfot (Kvaen), Otto Kaalikoski (Bob Malmström, S.A.A.B.) and Marco Lindholm (Marco Luponero and The Loud Ones) on lead guitars; Matias Löfman (Bob Malmström, Varoshan, S.A.A.B.) on bass and the whole The Dogshit Boys and Bob Malmström on gang vocals. Rounding up the impressive guest list Owe enlisted John Bloggs to create stunning artwork for the album.

The first teaser is released on February 25th in the form of single Avskild och förglömd (feat. La55e Dog, Otto Kaalikoski and Matias Löfman), followed up by the second single and music video of the track Narcissistvärld (feat. KjellHell and Matias Löfman). On March 25th the debut album is unleashed to the world by Elitbolaget on all popular streaming platforms and on C-cassette. The cassette release is a joint effort by Elitbolaget & Stadin Rec.

Release: Avskild och förglömd (feat. La55e Dog)
Release date: 25.02.2022
Digital »
Running Time: 02:43
Label: Elitbolaget
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Release: Narcissistvärld (feat. KjellHell)
Release date: 01.03.2022
Digital + Video »
Running Time: 02:30
Label: Elitbolaget
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Release: Narcissistvärld
Release date: 25.03.2022
Format: Digital album, MC
Running Time: 23:17
Label: Elitbolaget
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Release: De tidiga åren
Release date: 22.04.2022
Format: Digital album, MC
50 tracks digital, TBA tracks MC.
Digital running Time: TBA
MC running Time: TBA
Label: Elitbolaget
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Noise Aholic was founded in 2018 by Owe Inborr as a side project for himself besides his main bands Ondfodt and Dispyt.

Owe Inborr is also known for his studio (Wolfthrone Studios) that he started back in 2013 and has since then produced over 50 albums and worked with a wide range of artists around the world. The idea for the band was to play dirty and raw crust punk with fast tempos and with old school vibe. Noise Aholic made during a short period of time 50 songs back in 2018 that later was released on youtube for streaming to promote both the band and his studio.

In 2021 Owe wanted to make a real full-length album for the first time in the bands history. Even tho Noise Aholic is a solo project, Owe wanted to involve as much trusted punk musicians from the swedish part of Finland to be part of the new album.

He contacted bands such as "Bob Malmström", "Dogshit Boys", "Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones" and a handful of big names such as Mathias Lillmåns, Dario Kåll & Jacob Björnfot to take part and perform on the album. Noise Aholic's goal nowadays is to be able to make raw and dirty crust punk, but also to involve other musicians to take part and play on the records.

Label under: crust punk, d-beat, punk

Contact Discography
Label Contact
Matias Löfman / Elitbolaget
+358 40 570 9066

Booking & Management
Owe Inborr / Wolfthrone Studios
+358 40 822 6155
Elitbolaget 2022 (Digital / MC ltd 40 pcs)

De tidiga åren
Elitbolaget 2022 (Digital / MC ltd 30 pcs)