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Min sanna vän / Svept i vita lakan single

Release date: 10.06.2029
Label: Elitbolaget
Formats: 7" vinyl / Digital

Track list:
1. Min sanna vän
2. Svept i vita lakan


The Bob Malmström 10-year anniversary celebration 7" vinyl series continues

The infamous bourgeoisecore bastards Bob Malmström team up with the black'n'crust rebels Dispyt for a split 7" to complete the Bob Malmström 10-year anniversary split 7"-series. The first split 7" saw a matchup of Bob Malmström and The Enchained from Finland. The second split 7" saw Bob Malmström and Tvärnitad from Sweden shaking hands and now the third split 7" between Bob Malmström and Dipsyt completes the cycle. The end results are separate entities but can also be acquired as a deluxe wooden box set with goodies.

Bob Malmström and Dispyt have worked together since Dispyt's inauguration in 2016 on various tours and gigs. Bob Malmström's history goes back further to 2010 and Dispyt's Mathias Lillmåns is no stranger to Bob before Dispyt either, as he has co-produced their albums Punkens framtid (2013) and Vi kommer i krig (2016).

On the A-side Bob Malmström shoots it straight with two tracks; Helsingfors borgarmangel feat. Jonas Ekroos delivers a d-beat pummeling with a sense of -83 Metallica being present and Låt pampen sjunga praises the police for taking care of the rich in these trying times.

On the B-side Dispyt continue with their feral angst against humanity in two punishing crust & black/death metal beatings that will leave you short of breath and show you why they've become a force to reckon in the genre.

Bob Malmström and Dispyt hit the road as following:
Very CANCELLED. We're sitting home knitting, petting kittens and whatnot. Carolus tried taking on chess, but cut his eyebrow rather badly. Lillmåns called Olof the other day as he thought he saw an owl. It was a pigeon. Life has not been eventful.


Dispyt is a three-piece blackened crust punk band that offers crushing D-beats and violent distorted guitar riffs in combination with raw, unaltered vocals presented in their mother tongue, Swedish.

Originating from Pietarsaari, Finland, and was formed in 2016 by Owe Inborr and Philip Kerbs. The band started out with a couple of demo tracks and asked Mathias Lillmåns to join as their singer. He was immediately interested and also asked if he could play bass. The band recorded three full songs and releasing them one by one.

The day after the the first song was released the band was contacted and booked on their first small tour in Finland. It was now time to get the full line-up going and Juuso Englund joined as a second guitar player. The band has since toured Finland with some real Finnish punk legends.

In November 2017 Dispyt released their 1st full-lenght album bearing the title "Den ständigt närvarande ångesten". The album was very well received and led to more shows in Finland.

Beginning of 2018 guitarist Philip Kerbs decided that he was leaving the band since he wouldn't be able to concentrate 100% on it. Luckily this didn't cause any drama in the band and the remaining three decided to give the band a shot as a three-piece outfit. This resulted in a four-song EP of which two songs were released as official music videos. It worked very well and the band got booked to play their first shows outside of Finland. The tour turned out to become a two week trip called "Finnish Crust Overload" and took the band to The Baltics, Poland and Germany.

In late 2018, Dispyt was contacted by Immortal Frost Productions for a possible record deal to re-release their first album "Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten" worldwide. Thus in February 2019 the band signed their very first contract to re-release their debut full length album in a limited amount of 1000 copies on CD & digital streaming platforms. In the same month the band self-released their live DVD "Finnish Crust Overload" that features a 100min road movie from their European tour 2018.

This of course resulted in more touring. This time around focusing on Finland.

In spring 2019 it was yet again time to release some new music. This time around it came in the form of a split with Finnish mayhem punks Kürøishi, released as a limited edition neon yellow C-cassette, through Hiss Tapes Hardcore. Dispyt's side of the tape will also later be released digitally and on 7" vinyl by Elitbolaget.

After this it was time to get back in the studio to start the writing process of the 2nd, yet unamed full lenght album.

Dispyt is:
Mathias Lillmåns - Bass & Vocals
Owe Inborr - Drums & Vocals
Juuso Englund - Guitar & Vocals
Label under: Crust / Hardcore / Death Metal / Black Metal



Founded in: 2016
Label: Elitbolaget, Immortal Frost Productions, Hiss Tapes Hardcore
Language: Swedish


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Kjell Simosas / Elitbolaget
+358 40 589 9092


Kürøishi / Dispyt
2019 Split tape

Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten (Remastered)

Finnish Crust Overload (Live)

Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten

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